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Production - FS Asia Raya

Our Process

  • kilyn-dry

    Kilyn Dry

    Dry kiln serves to reduce the moisture content in the wood there. MC takes an average of 10-12 in the wood.
    6 Chambers Kiln Dry

  • sort-quality

    Sort Quality

    Sort qualities needed once to select and sort the wood quality that the company needs. Quality or grade is required at the beginning of the process in order to facilitate the process.

  • finger-joint

    Finger Joint

    The process of making frofil finger from both ends of the wood. So that later when it's connected it will interlock each other.

  • laminating


    The process of wood connecting the two sides. This process is performed for a small timber of small size combined into one measure. For example, to measure the width of 9 inches

  • laminatin-2


    wood the size of the width of 5 centimeters (2 sticks), the size of the timber size of 12 centimeters wide by 6 centimeters (2 sticks) and measures 15 centimeters of wood width 5 centimeters (3 sticks).

  • sanding


    Sanding done to flatten and smooth the surface of the wood. As well as sanding wood also serves to set the desired thickness.

  • molding


    This process serves to make frofil tangoe and gruve on both sides of the wood.

  • coating


    The process of painting on wood or more popularly called coating. This process is also coated with scratch-resistant.

  • packing


    This process is to pack the goods / timber, ready to be posted to overseas
    Worker: 10 persons

  • process

Work Area


To support the manufacturing company in keeping the market demands up, PT. F.S ASIA RAYA has built and operated more than six saw mills with more than 50 units of bandsaws in Sulawesi. The production capacity of those facilities is more than 300 cubic meters of raw sawn teak timber per month.


With the help of approximately 250 skillful workers, each and every processing line in the production process is carefully controlled and monitored, from the arrival of raw sawn timber materials up to the packaging of products.

The capability and performance of the workers are closely monitored, as it is important that they should be highly reliable and serve as quality controller as well.

Good communication within the company has always been well maintained to ensure collective progress.



Our Support

PT. F.S ASIA RAYA has been seriously involved and paid great attention in the research and development of teak seedling for the purpose of environmental conservation.

Environmental sustainability is deemed crucial and we will use only certified sustainable woods that are planted and harvested by legal plantation community that is supported by The Department of Forestry, in accordance to the international standards

We also have been successfully planting nearly one million of teak trees all over Java Island, from year 2007 to year 2010, and we will continue to develop nurseries and grow new generations of teak tress to replace the cut ones and also to maintain ample supply for the factory as well as to contribute to the environmental conservation.

Planting System

It is undeniable that there are a lot of cases of illegal logging in Indonesia, which is not only against the law but also creates destructive impact to the environment and often leaves neglected tree stumps.

As a form of our active participation in redeveloping plantation in Indonesia’s deforested areas, we used to apply TRUBUSAN (coppice) system, which is a system of selecting stems that grows on the neglected tree stumps. This system will allow the selected stems to grow and ready to be harvested rapidly.

Today, through numerous and years of research and development of planting method, we have finally come up with a better and more effective system.